Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Time to start Anew

So I deleted all my post of Chris's past as I looked them over they were more ranting about stupid things rather thing thought provoking ideas and claims.

My brain has always has a strange Philosophical strength to it. Questioning things to the nth degree and still never agreeing on a definite answer.

I recently received the book. 50 Philosophy Ideas you really need to know by Ben Dupre. As I have been reading the book it made me think up new mind twisting and thought provoking ideas. and I think I would like to start sending some of these ideas you way and hopefully it will make you think.

You are all welcome to answer as all answers are just thoughts on the subject because there really is no true correct answer.

So the thought for today?

You see a fresh cool glass of water at the table and you realize that you could use it to quench your thirst. So you reach out grab it and drink it. It tastes pretty bland but also tastes amazing as your thirst slowly dissipates.

Now how did you get your hand to move to the glass and then lift the glass to your mouth?

You brain sent an electrical impulse to the muscle to react and finish this task.

But the real brain teaser is what made the brain realize it needed to create the impulse. Your thought of having it, drinking it, or grabbing it? They are all thoughts but what was the reaction that caused the electrical impulse to your muscles. what caused the thoughts?

If you think you figured it out then try and go back one more step in the process.

You'll find yourself wondering about this one for awhile.